Dove real beauty campaign

A new Dove Real Beauty campaign has been making its way across traditional and social media. Most people seem to be impressed with this new campaign.

While I do believe that Dove generally has good intentions and am a huge fan of some of their previous related campaigns (especially the Dove Evolution video), this one does not sit well with me. And here’s why:

First, it assumes that most (if not all) women have an overly negative view of themselves–a dangerous assumption.

Second, it purports that a woman’s worth is (or should be) based on how someone else views her–a dangerous assertion.

Third, its selling point is that we can all come up with accurate terminology to characterize our own appearances and then effectively translate those to someone else–a feat that is not easy to do.

Fourth–and most critical–I am skeptical of any advertising (think Benetton) that targets social issues (theoretically, for the greater good) when–ultimately–it is an advertisement with the sole purpose of persuading a costumer to buy a product.


Here’s the link to the video on YouTube. And be sure to note that it has already been viewed nearly 5 million times as of this posting:

Image courtesy of Dove and the Huffington Post:


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